I'm a Swedish born photographer, that moved from a small town to the city of angels to get out of my comfort zone and reach for my purpose.


pure barre loving, Coconut obsessed, travel enthusiast

something bad enough, you'll make it happen, through hard work and dedication." I believe it is all about trusting the process and the journey towards my purpose. It is so important to me to  follow my dreams, but mostly, to convert those dreams into memories. That way I will have no regrets and remember the great things I went after. One of my dreams took me to Los Angeles, CA, 7 years ago, and what a ride it has been...

Now you might wonder who this coconut crazy, barre tucking, traveler is. Tina Wisborn is my name, and I photograph people who desire to capture life, whether it is through a family photo, a headshot, to get closer to their dream career, or by bringing an artistic vision to life. I am lucky to capture these people and get them one step closer to their purpose. One of my mottos are: "If you want 

I can never get enough of the golden state's golden hours, magical daylight flares, and amazing variety of people. 

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